Versailles Coupled Killed in Jennings County Plane Crash

On Saturday, a single-engine Cessna crashed in Jennings County near the Jefferson county line.  The couple has been identified as Gregory Wehr, 55 and wife, Candace Wehr.  Their plane took off from Chicago and was scheduled to land at Madison Municipal Airport.

Report indicated that the Cessna was registered to the Wehr’s and was built in 1968.  The cause of the crash is unknown and the Federal Aviation Administration is on-site conducting its investigation.  It will generally takes several months before a final report is released.

For more than 30 years, The Franecke Law Group has represented victims and families of private plane crashes throughout the United States.  It is critical that an independent investigation begin immediately after a tragic plane crash such as this one in Jennings County in order to collect and preserve key evidence, identify witnesses and properly lay the foundation for determining the cause of the crash and holding those responsible accountable.

There are many different reasons that this single-engine Cessna could have crashed including mechanical failures, electrical failures, maintenance failures and a variety of weather, airport or pilot error.  Regardless of what one may assume the cause to be, it is important to make the proper decisions to get the answers.

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