The following is a representative sample:

  • 1st Toyota runaway acceleration death case. Toyota accelerated uncontrollably on Highway 101 for 23 miles before rear ending my client’s vehicle killing him instantly. He left a wife and 4 children. After gathering the evidence and identifying the defect in the accelerator through tests and examination, Toyota contacted The Franecke Law Group offices to discuss settlement without filing a lawsuit. Confidential settlement was reached in the millions of dollars.
  • Dassault Falcon 900 airplane crash in Santa Barbara California. The aircraft ran off the end of the runway causing substantial damage to the airplane as a result of inadequacies of the manufacturers instruction manuals, flight testing, and misrepresentations of the Federal Aviation Administration. A hotly contested lawsuit resulted in 50 depositions, numerous trips to France and numerous motions to be argued before the court. Trial took approximately 3 weeks before jury in Los Angeles. The verdict was $12 million against defendant Dassault.
  • Well-recognized Doctor disappeared after leaving work in Oakland California. She was later found in her own car after running off a boat dock at the Alameda estuary. Suit was filed against the city of Alameda for defective design of the highway allowing direct traffic, without proper warnings, into the estuary at night. Before trial, defendants settled for confidential amount in the millions of dollars.
  • Montana crash of a fire fighting World War II aircraft killing pilot. Deceased left a wife and child. Discovery revealed that the failure was in the wing spar repairs which had not been properly done for a long period of time. Settlement was achieved before the start of trial.
  • Helicopter crash and a Honey Lake California resulting in the death of onboard nurse who left a wife. Nurse survived for 10 months post crash and accumulated over $2.5 million and medical expenses. Discovery revealed failure of the composite rotor blades manufactured by defendant Aerospatiale, a European corporation. After 6 weeks of trial the parties settled to their mutual satisfaction.
  • International traveler suffered a stroke as a result of a deep vein thrombosis as a result of a long flight from Vancouver/Seattle to London. Numerous airlines had failed to provide for exercise and warning regarding the dangers of deep vein thrombosis forming during long international flights causing strokes, heart attacks and other injuries. Litigation was filed and discovery revealed the absence of such warnings and care by the airlines. Settlement was reached to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.
  • International flight where a woman was hit in the head from overhead luggage upon landing in the Bahamas. Suit was filed and after considerable discovery, the parties settled to their mutual satisfaction.
  • Father and son driving in the Central Valley California ran off the road and hit a tree causing the car to catch on fire. Numerous witnesses attempted to remove the man but could not release his seatbelt. Suit was filed against Toyota for wrongful death and defects in the car for catching on fire and inability of the seatbelt to release after a front end collision. The father burned to death in front of his son despite the rescue efforts. Significant discovery revealed that Toyota does not test its vehicles for front-end collisions over 16 mph well below anticipated collisions speeds.. After a five-week trial, the parties settled to their mutual satisfaction
  • Student pilot crashed in her Bell Helicopter as a result of failure of the tail rotor pitch link bolt causing serious back injury and permanent damage for the rest of her life. Suit was filed against the mechanics and Bell helicopter for improper maintenance and defects in the maintenance instruction manual. Settlement was reached with the mechanics.  Original trial with Bell resulted in an appeal resulting in the establishment of major law throughout the United States in the relationship of maintenance manuals to aircraft. Litigation is still ongoing.
  • Midair collision over the ocean near Long Beach California between instructor pilot and student with a twin-engine aircraft crossing its path. All 3 pilots were killed. Discovery revealed that the twin-engine pilot was at fault for not following proper rules of the road as set forth by the federal aviation regulations. Litigation was filed but before trial the parties settled to their mutual satisfaction.

Over the years, there’ve been numerous other cases which resulted in significant settlements and the making of law followed throughout the United States.  In addition we have successfully handled cases involving: Water Pic, Federal Ammunition, Toyota Automobiles, Honda Automobiles, Ford Automobiles, General Motors Automobiles and Trucks, Helicopters known as CH-53, CH-47, CH-46, UH-1N, Bell Jet Rangers, Robinson R-22, Aerospaciale 350, 360, and AStars, Beech Bonanza Airplanes, Beech Airplanes, Piper Airplanes, Cessna Airplanes, Boeing Airplanes, McDonnell-Douglas Airplanes and Helicopters.

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