Asiana Plane Crash Litigation Compensation

Lawsuits are starting to be filed by the victims of the Asiana plane crash on July 6, 2013 at San Francisco California airport. The claims for compensation and damages will depend upon the nature and extent of the injury suffered by those victims. Also, there will be limitations on the amount of damages depending upon the application of the international airline treaties known as the MontrĂ©al convention. With out proving negligence on the part of the airline, a person’s injuries can be compensated up approximately $150,000 US. After that, if the injuries warrant it, the amount can be much greater. However, the MontrĂ©al convention also limits where the lawsuit may be brought and what law may apply. Many victims were traveling ultimately back to China and may have limited recovery with her injuries.those who are traveling to the United States have a much better opportunity for full compensation for their injuries.

However, it is extremely important to file lawsuits now to get the insider information that will be necessary to prosecute those responsible for the injuries suffered. They could include Boeing aircraft manufacture the aircraft, the electronic supplier supplied the flight management system and electronics in the cockpit, the operators of San Francisco International Airportand others who are presently unknown. If suit is brought against the United States manufacturers, there is a good chance that California law may apply and victims will be entitled to full compensation for their injuries.

Franecke law group has been experienced in handling many litigations for victims injured in plane crashes throughout the world. If you are contacted by an attorney who says they are an aviation specialist, be very careful and do your homework. There are many attorneys out there who represent that they are aviation specialist, but few truly are. Check out and speak to our attorneys who will advise you about your legal rights, options and ways of proceeding in this tragedy.

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