Malaysia Flight 370 Lost and crashed

The lost Malaysia Flight 370 is a tragic story of misinformation, non-experts who speculate without knowing and a news media who have to fill in air time with anything that sounds OK regardless of truth. Yet the real victims on board, who if they could have been saved, were forgotten and abandoned by the delay, nations protections of their radar security measures and politics of the highest order. Blame someone no matter what and sort it out later.
The relatives and friends of the victims could only wait in their grief and marvel at the circus that has been playing out.
The Franecke Law Group has handled many plane crashes, some on land and some in water, and the answers are never obvious or determined until after a complete investigation by real experts in the field. So far that has not yet happened.
The Boeing 777 is prone to mechanical defects and maintenance failures. Sometimes the pilots, despite their best efforts, are unable to control the airplane. Sometimes, also, the pilots are at fault or there are other reasons. An experienced law firm is the only representative the families and relatives of the victims can have because everyone else represents themselves. It is sad, but true. Boeing will try to blame the pilots, Malaysia will try and blame Boeing or maintenance, and everyone will point the finger at everyone else.
The Franecke Law Group is who can be on your side and find the truth.

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