Nigeria Plane Crash Boeing Airplane

The recent Nigerian plane crash killing all onboard and many on the ground is further illustration of the importance for non-defective airplane design, maintenance and piloting skills. Also, the age of the Boeing MD-83 ( previously a Douglas Aircraft product and build) may have also been a factor. It is understood that the flight crew reported engine problems before the crash.

The same type plane also crashed off Los Angeles killing all on board because of a failed tail  stabilizer several years back.

Nigeria recently was upgraded to No.1 status in aviation commercial aircraft safety worldwide. That is an achievement which may now be in question. Early and probing investigation will be necessary to determine the cause of the crash.

The Franecke law group has handled many plane crash cases and knows how to get to the investigation early, preserve the evidence, and help all those who have lost those people close to them. These crashes should not happen.


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