Incapacitated Pilots

It is a sad fact that some pilots become incapacitated during flight resulting in crashes. If it is due to a health reason such as heart attack, hopefully a co-pilot or passenger with flight experience can land the plane. That is why there are always two pilots on commercial airline flights and most other jet aircraft.

However, defects in the plane can cause all persons on board to become incapacitated with bad results. Sudden loss of cabin pressure, or, even worse, slow loss of cabin pressure, may result in everyone passing out. Flying over about 13,000 feet requires supplemental oxygen or passing out is inevitable. These defects can exist in commercial and private airplanes due to defects in design or poor maintenance.

The Franecke Law Group has handled and investigated several incapacitated pilot cases. The investigation is not limited to the aircraft, but also to the maintenance, preflight proceedures, medical evaluations and other factors. You hope such a case will not happen, but when it does, The Franecke Law Group will be there to help put their experience and expertise on your side.


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