France Plane Crash Kills Americans

Airplanes, and especially the growing fleet of intercontinental capable jet aircraft, are built to travel all over the world. Consequently, tragic disasters may happen anywhere on the globe.Private-plane crashes in foreign countries may result in injury or death to United States citizens. The recent tragic crash in the South of France is one example. It appears that the aircraft was built in the United States so that recovery for the injury and death may be located in the US.

Also, even if the plane was manufactured in a foreign country, there may be sufficient connection to the United States so that recovery for the injury and death would be centered in the US.

When tragedy happens, it is extremely important that the victims and their families seeking help from experts in the field who know both the legal and practical side of what needs to be done.

The Franecke Law Group has been successfully helping victims of airplane crashes all over the world for many only by acting quickly that the evidence may be preserved, the cause of the crash ultimately determined and fair and just compensation for the tragic loss may be obtained. Contact the Franecke Law Group at










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