Brain Injury Accident

An accident causing a brain injury is one of the most difficult injuries for a person to endure. Many times the injured person looks fine, but isn’t. Many times, the injury is as a result of a “minor ” accident, but no one believes that there is something wrong. But you know it. Maybe you don’t remember the accident or now you forget things, food has no taste, you get angry easily, you don’t walk right, or worse. These are all symptoms of a brain injury. Yet the doctors say your skin and bones have healed, you’re fine. Not so.

A brain injury can happen at any age to anyone. Car accident, slip and fall, sports, recreation, bicycling, being ill, bad medical treatment, assaults and many more. Even wearing a helmet doesn’t prevent it.

The Franecke Law Group has successfully represented many brain injured people. The cases require a great deal of money for medical evaluation and prosecution for a just outcome. The Franecke Law Group can be your partner in that prosecution.

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