Arizona Plane Crash; 3 Dead

UPDATE:  It has been confirmed through numerous sources, that US Olympian Patrick Porter was killed on this plane crash.


Earlier today, three (3) people were pronounced dead in a horrific scene at in Sedona, Arizona when their plane burst into flames while trying to take off the runway of the airport.

There have been few reports and the identities of the victims have not yet been released as of Thursday night.  The plane, which has been identified as a twin-engine Beech 60 was trying to take off when for an unexplained reason, it burst into flames and struck a fence off the runway.

It has been reported that there was one man and two children on board.  The plane, was registered to Patrick R. Porter of Albuquerque, who was an Olympian and US Cross Country champion.

It is critical that an investigation be conducted immediately into the causes of this tragedy. Evidence must be preserved, the scene must be examined, witnesses must be interviewed and other preparations need to be made to properly identify the cause of this crash.

There are many reasons including a maintenance problem or manufacturing problem with the plane that could have lead to this disaster.  For more than 30 years, the Franecke Law Group has successfully investigated aviation disasters all over the world and has represented families and victims of these types of tragedies.  Our goal has always been and remains to hold those who are responsible for these tragic accidents accountable.

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