Recalled Products

Numerous products utilized every day such as automobiles, airplanes, bicycles, canned goods, appliances, etc. may contain defects in design or manufacture identified after the products have been sold to the general public. Sadly, many times the identification of the defects are as a result of litigation binging the manufacturers and sellers attention to the fact that their product is defective and hazardous to the consumers.

Some manufacturers will recall certain products or provide fixes to the product defects depending upon how old the product may be. That is, most states, California not included, have what are called Statutes of Limitations which says that you cannot sue a manufacture of a product after so many years have gone by. The number of years varies from state to state and can be a short as only a few. Thus, responsible manufacturers, if they are within the time of the Statute of Limitations, attempt to avoid multiple litigations if they identify a particular hazard or defect and realize that it is wiser and cheaper to repair the product rather than suffering multiple litigations for injuries and death.

Contrary to some advertisements in the news media, the watchdog civil litigation system in the United States has provided and forced manufacturers to be responsible and create safe products for the general public. Even so, some manufacturers ignore the rules and produce negligent and defective products which injure and kill the average consumers.

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