Military Plane Crash

The men and women of our military are among the bravest in the world.  Unfortunately, while in combat, training or deployment, tragedies involving various military vehicles and equipment do occur.  What most people don’t know is that these brave soldiers have the same legal rights against the manufacturer of the products as any other citizen.

While it may be more challenging to fight these cases, The Franecke Law Group argued in front of the United States Supreme Court to hold manufacturers responsible who produce dangerous products that are negligently made, have dangerous design and ultimately cause harm to our soldiers.

This case set the law that is now recognized  to hold companies responsible who manufacture products for the military when such manufacturing is not designed properly for the military and if the manufacturer did not warn the military of dangers inherent in the product not known by the government.

The Franecke Law Group has successfully handled numerous cases dealing with the failure of military products causing injuries and death to service personnel while on duty. However, it is a very specialized area of the law requiring experience and knowledge which few attorneys have. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed by a military product, you must seek the advice of an attorney specializing in this area who can help you understand your rights and possibilities to recover compensation under the circumstances.

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