Helicopter Tour Accidents

Many people enjoy aerial tours of scenic locations while on vacation by helicopter.  Unfortunately, many times, the helicopter tour company does not live up to proper maintenance, training and record keeping that is required.  Such negligent behavior can lead to a helicopter tour crash; which could have and should have been prevented.

Helicopter tour companies are governed by Federal Aviation Regulations part 135 which has a list of specific requirements regarding pilot qualifications, maintenance to be performed, record keeping and the like.

Helicopters are very complicated machines and require specific maintenance and flying ability by the pilots. Many helicopter accidents are caused by the lack of pilot skills and/or the maintenance that was performed on them.

The Franecke Law Group has represented victims and families of tragic helicopter crashes for more than 30 years.  Our firm is dedicated to holding accountable companies who negligently endanger the lives of innocent victims.  Call today for a free consultation 888.457.7040

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