Helicopter Disasters

Aviation law is a highly specialized field which requires that an attorney have years of experience, knowledge, and hopefully an engineering or piloting background to deal with the numerous issues and pitfalls involved. Only hire an attorney who meets these criteria.

Also, most importantly, if you or your loved one are injured or killed in a helicopter crash, hire that attorney immediately as there is no other area of the law where the evidence will disappear, be unavailable and compromised by the potential defendants. Your lawyer will get on the case immediately and protect your rights.

Helicopters are utilized effectively as rescue and medivac vehicles. However, there is a tendency on behalf of the pilots and/or the facility operating helicopters to push the limits of aviation safety because they accept the risk in order to try to save a life.

This can be unacceptable as once the rescued or sick person is on board, weather or other factors may cause the crash with the ultimate loss of life of everyone. The rules of the federal aviation regulations still apply and pilots are responsible for taking reasonably prudent action regardless of whether they’re attempting to rescue or evacuate a medically ill individual.

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