Defective Automobiles

Automobiles have been around for over 100 years now. You would think by now that manufacturers would know how to build automobiles in such a way that they would not be defective, they would not be negligently manufactured, they would not be negligently designed, they would protect you in a collision under foreseeable circumstances on the nation’s highways and that the claims by the advertisements for the automobile would be reasonably accurate. Sadly, this is not the case.

Most states have laws that hold manufacturers of products, including automobiles, to a standard known as strict liability. Strict liability holds a manufacture and the seller responsible for a defective product whether it be by design or by its manufacture. The philosophy behind this is that products are so complicated that the ordinary consumer does not know and cannot evaluate whether the product is safe for its foreseeable use and must rely upon the manufacturer to have made the product without defects in the 1st place.

Additionally, the national Highway traffic safety board and through the motor vehicle safety standards provide a certain amount of legal criteria for safe design and manufacture of cars. However, the standards are very generalized and in some cases totally unrealistic in the real world applications.

It is absolutely vital to consult with an attorney skilled in the area of product liability as soon as possible after any collision. The vehicle should not be repaired before skilled engineers have an opportunity to examine it to determine what the cause of the crash was and if defects exist.

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