Charter Plane Crash

Each year, one of the most common type of aviation disasters is a crash of a charter plane.  Many businesses now charter aircraft to take their employees from one place to another for business reasons. Additionally, people who find it convenient will also charter aircraft for both business and pleasure. Usually the aircraft is supplied with a full crew including pilots and other personnel.

In the United States, a charter plane operates under the Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 135 which has specific requirements for pilot qualifications, maintenance to be performed, and other things geared specifically for the safety of the passengers. However, some charter services do not live up to the requirements of FAR Part 135 or execute those duties in a negligent and careless manner.

Additionally, it is not unusual for charter services to fly their passengers internationally both from foreign country to foreign country and over the high seas. Numerous specific laws apply regarding how and where redress for injuries suffered may be obtained.

As in all aviation crash cases, it is critical that an investigation into the charter plane crash be conducted immediately to obtain and preserve evidence, take key statements from witnesses and prepare the foundation to hold those responsible who could have prevented the crash.

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