Woman Dies Week After Helicopter Crash in New York

Helen Tamaki, 43, died on Tuesday, a week after the helicopter crash that took the life of her partner Sonia Marra in the East Bank River of New York.

Tamaki was a Bellevue Hospital where she died due to a lack of oxygen after she nearly drowned after the helicopter crash.  The NTSB is investigating the crash, however, one possible cause which has been mentioned in various news media outlets has been a failed or malfunctioning rotor.

This tragic helicopter crash has left many questions which remain to be answered.  The field of aviation law is a complex and often challenging one to navigate.  The Franecke Law Group has 30+ years representing victims and families of those who have lost loved ones in tragic aviation disasters.  If you have lost a loved one in an aviation crash, you must immediately seek legal representation to protect your rights.

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